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Webix is lightweight (about 100 kb of compressed code) and fast JavaScript library for building desktop and mobile web apps with rich UI.

It provides a wide range of feature rich JavaScript UI widgets ranging from simple widgets, like a menu or combobox, to highly interactive charts and powerful data tables.

All Webix widgets are compatible with the latest web browsers allowing developers to create web apps that work in Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

One of the main Webix features is that thereís no need to write two different apps for mobile and desktop devices. Web apps developed with this library run correctly on multiple platforms.

Mobile web apps based on the Webix library have a native look-and-feel and operate flawlessly on popular touch devices.

The server can be organized in several ways. Webix widgets are compatible with MVC frameworks (MVC.Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Yii) and can be easily integrated with server-side data feeds. Itís also possible to use Server Side Connectors (for PHP, Java, ASP.NET) that allow the creation of fully functional data feeds in a few lines of code. In addition, developers are capable of using any server-side technology at backend, which can expose RESTfull api for data loading and data saving.
Other Webix features are dynamic data loading, easy styling with CSS, offline support and external/internal drag-and-drop operations. Possessing all mentioned advantages.
Webix is dual licensed under open-source GNU GPL v3 and commercial licenses.


Charts - Cross-Browser - Css - Datatable - Html 5 - Javascript - Javascript Library - Ui - Web Development - Widgets

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