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Webix Tree allows you to present hierarchically organized data in a nice and logical manner. Dynamic Data Loading allows asynchronous tree level loading. Initially, only first-level items are loaded. Then when you open the following tree branch, the ID of the branch is sent to server and the data is dynamically loaded.

Tree widget has two-and three-state checkboxes modes. The last mode allows selecting all subitems by checking parent checkbox and indicating the presence of nested checkboxes selected by user with the help of additional checkbox state.

Webix Tree provides you with keyboard navigation and hotkey management, which allows you to make fewer manipulations as you work on the widget.

Tree allows making a great number of CRUD operations with data: adding, deleting, copying, pasting and even in-line node editing.

The design of your widget is entirely defined with CSS which makes working on apps quicker and simpler.

Advanced Tree drag-and-drop properties enable you to drag tree items (columns) not only between Tree and Datatable, List, Dataview and Treetable, but even between different Trees.
The widget allows you to save and then restore the state of the tree to cookie, local or seccion storage. This state object contains data concerning the opened and selected nodes significantly simplifying the end userís work with it.

Webix Tree works equally well in major up-to-date browsers, such as IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Webix tree menu is ready for operating properly as a part of mobile apps on touch devices.


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