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eKitaab is an eBook Catalog Manager software to manage large collections of ebooks.  eKitaab allows you to read books in their native readers on the desktop, or on mobile devices, though it is not a ebook reader.eKitaab displays a list of all books you have, with their titles, authors, description and a photo of the book covers. It also allows you to easily categorize the books by creating Reading Lists, and adding Tags. eKitaab downloads all information from the Internet, based on the ISBN of the book, or by searching by author or title. eKitaab is designed to be extremely safe for the eBooks... the eBooks themselves are never changed. eKitaab stores basic information about the book by changing the filename to include the title, author and ISBN. The other information is downloaded from the Internet and not stored locally (but caching is implemented, to reduce repeated downloads). This has a lot of benefits for future usage: - No proprietary format, no database - Since the filename themselves contain the ISBN, all other details can be downloaded at view-time - If you send the ebooks to someone else with eKitaab, they can import this file into their copy of EKitaab with any retagging. - If you want to use another eBook manager software in the future, there is no constraint of data export. Also when you "check out" a file from eKitaab, it gives you an option to rename the file in more user-readable format, for use on mobile devices or another computer. This can be used for mass-export as well. Features: - Browse and read your entire ebook collection by Title, Author, ISBN, Book Description, Book Covers - Reading Lists - you can create multiple Lists - Tags - you can define multiple Tags - All details including Title, Author, ISBN, Descriptions and Cover Details are automatically populated from searches from Amazon. You can also enter the Title, Author and ISBN manually if you know them. - You can launch books from within eKitaab to read them in their default viewer.

Language: Java


Catalog - Ebook - Ebook Catalog Manager - Ebooks Organizer - Ebooks Tool - Manager

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