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ZipCreator 1.I

Zip Creator is a multiplatform utility for compressing files. It can be installed easily in any kind of operating system that has a Java Runtime...

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WireFusion 3D 1.I

WireFusion 3D is a realtime interactive 3D presentation and product simulations, using the visual WireFusion tools. This is an add-on to...

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VaerData Weather Statistics 1.0

This is a Java application to display the weather condition of cities of the user?s choice in the form of graphical representation. The application...

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useless info java

it displays: / -page last updated / -refering website address / -did page changed since last vist / -internet time

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Session Initiation Protocol Tool Kit for Java

Session Initiation Protocol Tool Kit is an application-layer control protocol to control one or more participants by creating, modifying and...

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SCEA Certification Test Simulator

SCEA Certification Test Simulator is a mock test application of SCEA Part-I. It supports 6 mock tests of 288 questions. All the questions are...

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SCJPUpgrade Certification Test Simulator 1.0

This java application is a test simulator based on the latest pattern of SCJP2 Upgrade exam. It contains 11 Mock tests having 363 questions and an...

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Paradigm 2.0

Paradigm is a testing tool to implement HR functions and manage the intellectual resources of an organization like assessment, recruitment,...

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P2Pmobile 1.0

P2Pmobile is a freeware collection of Java classes that implements file sharing. Java2 Micro Edition programmers will find this application very...

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P3P Policy Editor

P3P Policy Editor creates machine-readable policy by including standard data types and categories that can be added easily into the policy of an...

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JIniFile 1.0

JIniFile can obtain and as well store the application-specific information and settings from INI files. The INI is a standard text format file that...

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JavaLayer 0.2.0

JavaLayer is an application that can be used as a Java MP3 decoder library. This can also act as a simple player and supports audio streaming. This...

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This application simulates a Java Certification Test based on the latest pattern of SCJP1.4. This certification test comprises of SCJP1.4 special...

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IBM Lightweight Services 1.0

IBM Lightweight Services allows composition, installation, instantiation, and debugging of server-side applications. This J2EE application provides...

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IBM's Interface Tool for Java

IBM's Interface Tool for Java is a powerful tool providing custom and optimum solutions for all webmasters to communicate with activex objects....

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Cherry Picker 1.00

Cherry Picker is a simple and effective java application capable of grabbing images. Using this online software you would be able to surf through...

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GraphViz Java API 0.1

GraphViz Java API is a powerful java application capable of locating the exact positions of dots in java scripts. This online tool is effective in...

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The GreenTea is a total resource aggregation and resource sharing platform that enables an organization to meet their heavy-duty computing needs....

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Bugzero 3.5.2004

Bugzero is a java application designed to assits software developers in tracking bugs. You can use this program to detect defects, track issues,...

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actiTIME 1.I

actiTIME is an excellent online time recorder capable of creating detailed and summarized reports on the amount of time consumed for all complex...

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