Components, Scripts, Codes: Java / Miscellaneous

Ushop Lite

Free trial version of uShop shopping system.

By: Microburst Technologies, Inc. Homepage


Treetable 2.I

If you want to represent your information dynamically, need to show hierarchical information in a comfortable way, or looking for a way to have a...

By: Michael Isaev Homepage


The Jetchart Library

The JetChart Library is a Java class library that encompasses a wide range of functionalities aimed at data visualization and analysis, in the form...

By: Andre Soares Homepage


The Ga Playground

A general purpose GA toolkit implemented in Java, designed for experimenting with genetic algorithms and handling diverse optimization problems.

By: Ariel Dolan Homepage


The Data Markup Language (dataml)

DataML is a web server extension that could be integrated in any JAVA enanbled web server. It provides a simple API to rapidly generate dynamic...

By: Tanwani Anyangwe Homepage


Tec-it Barcode For Saplpd 2.0

TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung, Austria, offers bar code solutions available as ActiveX control (OCX), 32-bit Library (DLL) and as SAP R/3 Extension...

By: Harald Schuller Homepage


Squirrel Sql Client 1.I

SQuirreL SQL Client is a graphical Java program that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables,...

By: Colin Bell Homepage



Setup your database files for access by your customers over the internet.

By: George K. Staropoli Homepage


Sferyx Jsyndrome Htmleditor Applet 4.0

Includes everything you need to create visually complex HTML documents, such as a table designer, image support, full forms support;...

By: Vassil Boyadjiev Homepage


Realobjects Edit-on Pro 3.0

edit-on Pro is a cross-platform, in-browser, WYSIWYG editor Java applet which enables XHTML content authoring with XML markup. It includes CSS...

By: RealObjects GmbH Homepage


Rapidspell Web Java 2.2.2000

Add spell checker functionality and value into Web applications with a couple of lines of JSP code. RapidSpell Web provides JSP developers and...

By: Keyoti Homepage


Protoview Jsuite 4.0

Advanced user interface components such as PowerChart 2D & 3D rendering engine, Advanced N-Tier Data Models Connect JSuite, and more.

By: ProtoView Homepage


Penguincards 1.0

PenguinCards is a java-based card game. You can either play against computer or another player. On the board, there are card pairs and your aim is...

By: Emin Islam Tatli Homepage


Pentominos Puzzle Solver

A pentomino consists of five equal-sized squares attached edge-to-edge to form some shape. There are twelve possible pentominos that can be formed...

By: David J. Eck Homepage


Parachat Server 4.V

Home Java Full Applications Parachat Server Visit | Rate | Error Java Chat Server SolutionIn 1996, ParaChatO...

By: Sales Homepage



Enables developers to test and improve the performance of their Java applications, applets or JavaBeans.

By: Intuitive Systems Inc. Homepage


online Demo Generator

This applet is an authoring tool to generate online, interactive, animated and audio enabled presentations, product demos, and more.

By: Nalla Senthilnathan Homepage



This package is a multi-threading netnews reading server. The main class, Nnrpd, can be run as a command-line application to service multiple NNTP...

By: Jef Poskanzer Homepage



Nacho is a web application development platform tailored for rapid development. It handles text, image and rich media content, providing high level...

By: Lawrence Homepage


Myinvoicer 1.4.2000

The Austrasoft Invoicer is a standalone application that generates PDF invoices, ready to be billed to the customer. You can now create, customize...

By: Austrasoft P/L Homepage