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Popular Downloads - Java, Miscellaneous

Java Excel Connector 1.0.0

The Java Excel Connector (JEC) allows Java developers to access the Excel application, read, create or modify Excel workbooks and charts.

By: Marc Moyosoft Homepage


Matrix Calculator

Lets you calculate the determinant, adjoint, inverse, transpose and more of a n x n matrix.

By: Marcus Kazmierczak Homepage


Yfiles Graph Layout Library 2.2.2001

An extensive library for the visualization and automatic layout of graphs, diagrams and networks. Key components of the library are a customizable...

By: Roland Wiese Homepage


Clarity 1.4

Clarity combines project management, issue/bug/request tracking system and wiki platform in one universal web-based solution with clear user...

By: Homepage


Web Safe Color Picker

Generates a safe color combination for consistancy in all web browsers. Allows you to preview your color combinations.

By: Patricia Schwarz Homepage


Java Gifts 1.I

Java utilities for programmers. Source code available.

By: Dave Dyer Homepage


Apmagicmenu Applet 3.XII

Apmagicmenu Applet is a multi-platform compatible eye-catching applet allowing to develop menus with a magic floating background. You can create...

By: Apycom Software Homepage


Cookie Parser -

Following is the source code for CookieParser and all supporting Java classes. This class parses the "Cookie:" HTTP request line and makes...

By: Homepage


Wapaka 2.0

Wapaka is a Java Programmable WML/XHTML Basic micro-browser. It is originally based on Sun Microsystems' CLDC (Connected Limited Device...

By: Philippe Silberzahn Homepage


The Ga Playground

A general purpose GA toolkit implemented in Java, designed for experimenting with genetic algorithms and handling diverse optimization problems.

By: Ariel Dolan Homepage