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Clarity is a team collaboration system which integrates different services used by software developers and managers in one universal web-based solution. It helps to automate different everyday tasks in several areas of software development such as project management, issue/bug tracking, documentation and customer support.
Unlike other products, Clarity is designed as an open and customizable solution, ready for inclusion of
additional modules.

Main features are:
* Tracking of bugs, tasks, requests or any other issues
* Common documents storage based on the wiki platform
* Simple but powerful user interface with rich abilities for customization
* Project component and version management
* History of changes for each issue
* An ability to watch any issue modification or comment
* Highly configurable access control management
* Mult-lingual interface.

Clarity is built on Java technology so it can be installed on most operating systems and hardware
You can set it up as a separate service on your personal computer or remote dedicated server or run it as
a web application under some J2EE servlet containers such as Apache Tomcat or IBM WebSphere.


Bug Tracker - Bug Tracking - Defect Tracking - Groupware - Issue Tracker - Issue Tracking - Project Management - Request Tracking - Task - Task Tracking - Team Collaboration

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