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Pagos Spreadsheet Component (PSC) contains a multi-threaded architecture which allows fast and reliable server-side usage of Excel spreadsheets. The component doesn't require user intervention and allows multiple users to access the same workbook. The engine loads the file into the memory without locking it which makes it possible to have several instances open at the same time.

Pagos Spreadsheet Component is available for .NET, COM, and Java interfaces.

It is also available in Lite, Standard, and Enterprise Editions. Lite Edition can only process Excel files smaller than 200kB in size. Database functions that are available in the Enterprise Edition are also excluded in the Lite and Standard Editions. Enterprise Edition also includes explicit multithreading support.

Superior performance:
Developed in C++, PSC provides superior performance running even the most complex Excel applications and because it is designed and developed for high speed server side use, advanced optimization techniques have been applied.

XML Input/Output:
PSC accepts input and output in XML format. It is a preferable alternative to directly calling cells in your code to build more scalable solutions.

Maintains the integrity of Excel spreadsheets:
Unlike most products in the market, PSC keeps your files in Excel rather than converting them into a different format.

Excel Compatible:
PSC supports over 260 most common Excel functions and because it is designed to handle very large and complex spreadsheet engines, every effort was made to match the results calculated by Excel.

Easy Configuration and Use:
PSC is a self registering component and doesn't require any configuration. Therefore, It is ready to use after installation and is added to the "reference dialog" of Visual Studio.NET automatically. Its simple COM, .NET, and Java API makes using PSC very easy.


Calculation - Engineering - Excel Component - Mathematics - Reporting - Spreadsheet - Statistics

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