Universal Admin 1.0

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Universal Admin Features- / Gives you the shell (or a chosen program) prompt right within your browser. / Allows you to upload files. / Logon authentication / You can configure any number of users and assign them different shells. For instance, you can define a Database administrator who gets the Database prompt (SQL*plus or Mysql) directly. Of course, you can use the /bin/sh for file management and process control. The file upload feature can be individually enabled for each user. / Displays stdout and stderr in different frames. / Keeps command history. / Other information / The shell and other programs run as the same UNIX user as the owner of the Java Server on the host. / Sometimes if the shell command's output is slow, the control may return without the whole output. You should send an empty command to flush the output from the server. / Commands that require tty input cannot be run. / For File upload operations, the use of Jspsmartupload package is required (included in Universal Admin zip).


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