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Xload gives Java/JSP Developers a feature rich, highly Flexible and Versatile FILE UPLOAD/MANAGEMENT API Component for use inside an Application Server or Standalone environment.

- Easy to use, cascading approach
- JSP Integration
- Simple client side scripts
- Partial uploads
- Uploading to memory
- Multiple file creation for a single upload
- Multiple uploads
- File renaming
- Create your own file renaming policy
- Fine grained failure conditions for uploads
- Access files you have created after an upload
- File management (move, copy files etc )
- Directory/folder management (sort, get byte size etc )
- High Performance
- Upload timer (Progress monitor); easy to use and setup
- Flash and Struts integration
- UTF-8 encoding
- Manage files and directories without the need of an HttpServletRequest object
- Redundant uploads
- Security
- Write files seamlessly to network locations
- Small footprint


Directory Management - File Management - File Transfer - File Upload - Folder Management - Java Upload - Jsp Upload - Multiple Upload - Upload - Upload Progress - Web Tools

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