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Meditux 1.0

Meditux is a package of several Java Servlets and runs under Apache Jakarta-Tomcat, Java SDK 1.3 and MySQL. This was basically designed to gather...

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JSPMaker 1.0

JSPMaker is a powerful yet easy-to-use code generator that creates a full set of JSP (JavaServer Pages) quickly from MySQL or Oracle. / Using the...

By: e.World Technology Ltd. Homepage


WebDBQuery 1.0

This is an applet program which allows the users to present and extract data with oracle, MySQL and MS SQL databases. Features like providing...

By: Web Software Repository Homepage


Voruta alpha

Voruta can be used to make codes in any application to be safe and more readable and also it drastically reduces the JDBC codes that you write in...

By: Juozas Baliuka Homepage


POJO Generator

This is an applet program which can generate methods for deleting, inserting and updating plain old java objects for getting connected with the...

By: Microintellia Homepage


Open Reference Management 0.5.1

This Servlet/JSP based database application is ideal for researchers from the academic and business field. This can be used to manage research...

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ThinSQL 1.0

This connects to an SQL server over the Internet and can be used to add, remove, modify and retrieve data. Since it uses HTTP as its main method of...

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This is a java applet program which monitors oracle STATSPACK files. This program has the capability to track and read files which are in .zip and...

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