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BannerServlet 1.II

This servlet can display rotated banners. An image tag attribute in your HTML file can set the servlet. A configuration text file which will...

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AdRevolver Banner Manager 1.2.2004

AdRevolver Banner Manager is a java software for managing advertising like Rich Media advertising campaigns. It enables banner advertising on...

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Ad Server Solutions (Servlet Version) 3.1.2001

Ad Server Solution is an Internet advertising software developed on java servlet technology. It provides rich ad management software for serving...

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Ad Server Solutions Java Software 3.1.1

Ad Server Solutions internet advertising solution is a powerful and advanced ad serving system built on Java servlet technology for efficient and...

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Ad Dispenser Server 1.I

Ad Dispenser Server software is for serving and tracking banners. It provides an easy to follow admin tool, which will enable you to administrate...

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