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RETE-DB is a customizable multi-user web database. Speed, security and scalability are the outstanding advantages when comparing RETE-DB with other multi-purpose internet databases. == Target ==* Address database* Bug management* Todo list* File server== Features ==RETE-DB is a web-based database frontend, which allows to enter, search and modify records. * Groups: Access rights are defined on groups; a group concept allows easy administration of access rights.* Security: For every record (row) and for every field (column), access rights can be defined seperately.* Speed: As tests have shown, this program is amazingly fast - even when working with hundred-thousands of records.* Scalability: Multiple distributed RETE-DB instances can run in parallel on the same database. * History: Every change of data is logged; even changes in the RETE-DB administration.* Export: Search results can easily be exported to spreadsheet applications.* Import: New records can be created and existing records can be updated with data of spreadsheet applications.== License ==Freeware/GPL


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