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Active Directory Reports enables Active Directory Reports for computers Active Directory Reports for OU Active Directory Reports for LDAP Active Directory Reports for Groups Active Directory Reports for NTFS Active Directory Reports for Passwords Active Directory Reports for user logon Active Directory Reports for GPO Active Directory Reports for users Active Directory Reports for account lockout policy

JiJi Active Directory Reports enables IT organizations to extract vital data from Active Directory in seconds. Active Directory Reports provides the best solution to meet Active Directory Reporting requirements. Active Directory Reports has reports list with over 150 out of the box reports

Active Directory Reports report information efficiently from the Active Directory while hiding the complexities of the native Active Directory reporting tools. Active Directory Reporter can generate reports to help organizations gather information for regulatory audits suchas SOX/PCI/HIPAA.

Actions-Helps to do actions like delete, move, disable, enable and reset based on the reports in bulk.
Restore - Helps to restore the deleted users/computers in bulk.
Scheduler - Users can schedule report and get it in their mail box.
Domain Controller Settings - Users can specify the list of domain controllers not to be used. Also user can specify which domain controller to be used by default.
Search-Helps to locate a specific Active Directory Object quickly and accurately.
Print Reports-Helps to print reports.
Export Reports - Reports can be exported to PDF, CSV and Excel
Add/Remove Columns-Helps to customize the report columns.
PowerShell Scripting-Reports Generation can be automated using powershell script.
Scope - The report generation can be limited to OU in a domain, facilitating an OU based administration.
Custom reports - Users can generate the reports based on user-defined custom LDAP query


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User: User Rating: 10
I have used the older version of JiJi Active Directory Reports and also newer version. Comparing to the older version they have cleared lots of bugs. After evaluating JiJi ADR, I find it as very useful with its, newly added reports in "Exchange Reports" section namely 1.Archive Settings Reports, 2.Distribution Groups Reports, 3.Message Moderation Reports.

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