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DS StarsMenu

DS Star Menu is a menu applet that can build menus with an animated background image. In this the menu items are implemented over an image under...

By: DS StarsMenu Homepage


Horizontal Menu Scroll 1.0

Horizontal Menu Scroll can be used in your web pages to build menus that scrolls menu items horizontally from left to right or from right to left...

By: Horizontal Menu Scroll Homepage


Advanced AWT Floating Menu Applet 2.VI

Advanced AWT Floating Menu Applet has full URL support including window naming and frame targets, and this applet is ideal for frames environments....

By: Advanced AWT Floating Menu Applet Homepage


OpenCube's Horizontal Image Switch Menu

OpenCube's Horizontal Image Switch Menu is an useful menu building software with which you can generate customizable switching menus for website...

By: OpenCube Inc Homepage


Vertical Menu Applet 3.II

Features: / Vertical Drop Down Menu . / Java Script Support. / Sounds Support. / Multi Level Support. / Multi Language Support. / Icon Images...

By: Tools Soft Solutions Homepage


Zmei Popup Menu

Zmei Popup Menu is a freeware menu navigation applet that contains HTML source code for along with the menu applet for integration in your web...

By: Zmei Popup Menu Homepage


Slide Menu Applet 3.II

Features: / Slider Menu Show. / Java Script Support. / Configurable fonts, color, hover styles. / Sounds support on click.

By: Tools Soft Homepage


Smart Slider Menu Applet

Smart Slider Menu Applet as the name implies is a powerful and attractive sliding menu building applet. You can use this applet in your website to...

By: Applet Shop Homepage


Vertical Menu System - Professional Edition 1.II

Vertical Menu System can implement menus in your web pages within a specified area. The area can be specified in the width and height parameter....

By: Vertical Menu System - Professional Edition Homepage


XP Drop Down Menu

This is an applet that enables website navigation through a drop down menu, which can overlap HTML contents. It drops out the menu on top of any...

By: XP Drop Down Menu Homepage