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Chameleon Java Menu Applet is an extremely powerful menu solution for your web site navigation. Now you can create beautiful menu designs and still make changes in labels, designs of Menu-Items and/or whole menu structures very easily. Due to its highly user-configurability you can fully adopt an applet's appearance (such as colors, fonts, image background, icons, sounds, text alignment, all for each Menu-Item separatelly or globally) to fit your website needs. There is implemented very useful support for fast menu changes. / Main features: / - Full setting of design of each Menu-Item separatelly, / - Support for 'mouse-over' and 'mouse-click' sounds, / - Support for image or text based Menu-Items with icons, / - Ability to call JavaScript, / - Chameleon feature - fast loading of a new menu design or definition, / - Ability to change the content of all browser's frames together with change of menu structure, / - Support for unlimited number of submenus, / - Word-wrapping: automatical and manual, / - Support for international character encodings, / - User defined loading message, / - Tiled image background and image background for each Menu-Item (globally or separatelly), / - Text alignment, / - Adjustable position of Menu-Items, / - Ability to create graphic sidebars and separators, / - Small size, only 18 kB, / - Easy configurable and well-structured format of configuration file. / The full description of all properties you can find at applet's homepage (section 'Resources'). /


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