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Billboard 1.0

This Java applet is a banner management applet for displaying banners with images vertically in your web pages. This applet is easy to load, as it...

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Rotateinfo 15.7.2002

This Java applet requires a text file with data to be displayed as messages within a specified area. It automatically wraps the text within the...

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S-pack 5.12.2002

S-pack is an effective online utility that helps webmasters to insert slide shows. Using this powerful banner rotation utility you would be able to...

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Reystar CoolBanner 1.0

This Java applets can take in any number of images and display them as Banner with amazing transitional effects one after the another. It requires...

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Riada Billboard

Image rotation with over 20 exciting transitions, such as fades, checkers, scrolls and even random transitions.

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newsflash 26.1.2002

This Java applet is a news ticker applet. Texts can be displayed as news item on the web page with hot links. Each and every message can be linked...

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JMEFXAdvBanner 1.I

JMEFXAdvBanner Applet offers more than 20 advertising show styles, fast loading (small size), and is very simple to set up.

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J-Ads 2 2.1.2002

J-Ads 2 rolls banners and supports JPEG format images, animated GIF, random features, configuration file etc. With its versatile banner management...

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J-Ads Pro

This Java applet is a free solution to banner rotation management. You can rotate banners in your web page by just filling out few basic...

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CodeBrain iBanner 3.0.1

This applet is a banner management applet to display images of either GIF of JPEG. It supports up to 100 banners and each and every banner can be...

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Billboard Java Applet 1.0

This Java applet can be used freely in any commercial or non-commercial web sites to manage your banner rotation. It supports eight amazing...

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BannerManPRO! 4.12.2002

This Java applet is a banner rotation applet. It supports 11 special effects that can be activated on transition of images from one to another. All...

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Banner is a banner rotation applet in java, which displays images as banners anywhere on your web page. In the parameter setting it allows you to...

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AnyBann 1.0

Display any image banner from anywhere on the Net. Applet from HTML file loads independant data file and displays images. Set rolling mode,...

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Advanced Multiple Advert Banner

You can incorporate this applet into your web pages to display numerous ads, which loads up quickly at a specified location and link them to a...

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Advanced Banner Rotation Software 3.IV

The Advanced Banner Rotation software enables you to display all your adverts in just one area of your page. No longer will those adverts swamp...

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Acoola Free 1.V

This applet can be used for site navigation as every image supplied to it can be associated with a URL. On clicking the image it takes you to the...

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