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MP3 Player Applet (WinAmp clone) 2.1.2001

This applet plays any MP3 file or stream for you. All you need is a browser that is Javasound 1.0 compatible. This applet does not allow you to...

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Zmei Music Center

This can, not only play music that are in au format on your web pages but also give you the full control. This applet can be downloaded for free on...

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TinyPlayer 1.II

TinyPlayer is a Java applet that can play MP3 files and supports low bit rates. It allows you to draw your own skins and buttons and also to...

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Say-It-Now! 1.0

This text-to-speech applet can be used in your web pages to convert English into speech without any recorded sound. This demo demonstrates a method...

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This java applet integrates sound anywhere in your web page. This can also be used as a sound file player. It works in stand-alone mode as a sound...

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Clipstream playerless java media streaming

This highly flexible media streaming applet allows you to design your own UI. This encodes audio files and implements media streaming in email and...

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Amazing MiniSpeak Streaming Audio!

Enables your web sites with interactive speech/audio of your choice or you can also use the phrases supplied with the applet. This can be...

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