Swift Optimizer 1.0

By: tony
Version: 1.0




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Compress the size of your SWF-files by 10% to 70% using this great tool.It will highly increase both site traffic and profits. / With Swift Optimizer you can: / * Find swf files in your selected directory. / * Find all swf files in your selected logic driver and other movable drivers,include hidden directory of system. / * Identify the bad files,optimized files,normal files automatically,and show them with different icons. / * Optimize the swf files.Reduce the swf file size without making it in the condition of being shattered.The optimized files need not unzip again,you can publish them directly,you can view it with shockwave flash player or other flash players directly. / * Add protection to the swf files when you are optimizing. / * View selected swf file with inseted player directly. / * Person: / 1): Reduce the size of your swf file. / 2):Improve the efficiency of publishing. / 3):Improve the speed of diffuse. / 4): Easyer to send to your friends.You need not zip it and unzip it.You need not over worry about the limit size of attachment . / * Web company: / 1): Reduce the size of all the swf files once time. / 2): Improve the speed of downloading . / 3): Highly shorten the waitting time of loading.This mean the web site that was made by flash will attract more visitors. / It is highly important that you need not use any Unzip tool to unzip optimized swf files for publishing or playing with flash player.(Client must be installed SHOCKWAVE FLASH MX IE PLUG-IN.Your explorer will be intalled this plug_in automatically as the rule. )


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