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Do you have a great Flash animation and want to distribute it to as many viewers as possible? Do you want to make your animation appeal to a wider audience? Have you ever thought your Flash demo would make a great screen saver? Promote your company or services by converting your SWF animation into a great looking screen saver with powerful visual effects!

Many home and office PCs are often idle. Many home and office users use colorful screen savers to fill this time. Make a great looking Flash animation or demo, and SWF Maestro SCR will make a stand-alone screen saver that can be displayed on those same screens!

Make a statement about your company or promote your services, or just create a funny movie or a cartoon; no matter what the content, SWF Maestro SCR will take all the files of your SWF project and compile them into a single, stand-alone, full-featured and easily configurable screen saver.

Impress your viewers with powerful visual effects. SWF Maestro SCR creates a screen saver that can display even the most complex animations with ease.

Protect your SWF project against reverse engineering. Unlike the competition, SWF Maestro SCR provides ultimate protection of your compiled screen saver against extraction and reverse-engineering of the original files. You may include as many extra files of any type as you like, including XML, FLV, MP3, JPG, etc.

SWF Maestro SCR leaves all branding entirely up to you. Your audience will never encounter a message saying "made with such and such compiler". You control all text, icons, and dialogs of your SWF projects.

Screen savers produced with SWF Maestro SCR automatically support Windows screen saver configuration dialogs. SWF Maestro SCR enhances your SWF project by allowing you to store custom data, by using system dialogs, and by behaving as a real Windows screen saver.


Create Screensaver From Swf - Swf To Screensaver

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