Photographer Wall Gallery

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Photographer Wall Gallery




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Complex image gallery with many useful features like :

1. Category Menu - you can display different categories pictures combined and separate. Once the big picture is on the category menu become the active picture name, so the user will always know what picture he is looking at

2. Social links and fullscreen option - you can add social buttons to your social network profile, the links and social icons can be change/add/remove in the social.xml. There is also a fullscreen and normal screen option that any gallery needs to have

3. Mp3 Player - the mp3 player gives the gallery background/ambient music. I added an mp3 playlist so the user can chose the music he wants to listen. Also, the music player has the important control buttons line pause/play, next, previous, status bar and volume bar

4. Navigation - in order to navigate on the big number of pictures, I added some navigation arrows and page status display so the user will always know what page he is visiting and how many pictures are in the gallery. If the big picture is on the navigation, it will go to the next and previous picture also displaying the active picture number and the all pictures number.

5. Organization - pictures can be seen in different organizations, this organizations can be given in the organization.xml file where users can change the number of rows and columns for preview pictures display

6. Information and Slideshow - when the big picture is available, the organization area becomes an information and slideshow area, so the user can see the description of the main picture or can set on the slideshow for an automatic image loop

7. Pictures preview - this the area where pictures are displayed in different organizations, the width and height can be given by the user in the xml file.

8. Picture view - is the big picture area that display different picture rations and picture descriptions. To exit this big view you can use the close button located in the top.

Every configuration variable and component embed code is presented in the component documentation that can be downloaded by any buyer or non buyer of this component.


3d - Actionscript 2 - Actionscript 3 - Audio - Flash Component - Flash Components - Flash Extensions - Flash Templates - Gallery - Menu - Slideshow - Template - Video - Xml

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