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Flashberry allows you to design and download flash intros by combining free templates - movie clips, images, text effects and sound - with your own text, links and jpg files. Having completed your work, you can instantly save and download your intro file (swf) and the web page to embed it (html) at absolutely no charge. | / Although flashberry is based on free templates you can customize all the elements you insert by changing their position, size and color. You can insert and up to nine pages of text and a link targeting an email or internet address. This freedom of choice and the ability to insert your graphic files allows you to create personalized, non-repeatable presentations. Two downloads based on the same templates and created with Flashberry will not look the same. You don't have to worry someone else has the exact intro you do. | / Flashberry intros are designed for internet use and saved in swf and html file format. Except sound, all available templates are vector based. This makes your intros very small in size (40KB-100KB) allowing fast downloads. You can view them in any browser with Macromedia Flash 5 or higher plug-in installed. | / You can instantly save and download both your intro file (swf) and the web page to embed it (html) at absolutely no charge. | / Note: flashberry online intro builder is only Internet Explorer compatible because some of the flash-javascript communications used are only available in this browser.


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