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Important! TxEff2 is in fact a limited distribution of FlashEff. There are 2 main differences between TxEff2 and FlashEff as follows:1. TxEff2 can be applied on TextFields only (it will not work on other visual objects).2. TxEff2 will not work with Button & Command patterns.The main advantages of using the FlashEff engine, FlashEff panel and working with FlashEff patterns are compatibility, performance and high quality at a great price. Also, you can use FlashEff gallery to browse, save and find presets as well as FlashEff forum to find related issues.If you do need Symbol, MovieClip and Button animations and filters to be enabled, you will need to get FlashEff or you can upgrade TxEff2 later from your jumpeye account>upgrades.As one of the best and most experienced Adobe Flash 3rd party teams, we're committed to giving you the best animation scripts/components on the market. Even if you're a total Flash beginner you will find TxEff2 easy to work with because no coding skills are required, and from the TxEff2 panel you will configure animations in seconds just like you would normally do from a program like Apple Keynote or MS PowerPoint.TxEff2 does not include any significant advantage over FlashEff, due to this reason we do not advise to get both of them; in this case, it would be wise to get FlashEff only.What can be done using TxEff2?1. Build in, build out and swap TextFields using a single instance of the TxEff2 component, configured in seconds.These animations are especially useful on intros, banners and headers, but they can also be used on dynamic applications easily.2. Add static or animated filters to any visual object within Flash CS3 and Flash CS4.3. Most of the patterns can be combined to create complex animated objects.TxEff2 Component:TxEff2 Component is the main part of the TxEff2 System and it is built on the FlashEff framework/engine. It holds only interfaces and basic actions. It is the component that controls and moderates between A. Objects and B. FE Patterns, based on the settings received by XML (editable directly with TxEff2 panel). Compared to FlashEff, TxEff2 can ONLY be applied on TextFields (dynamic type).TxEff2 Panel:TxEff2 Panel is the configuration utility for Flash IDE. TxEff2 Panel is an online utility tool that loads inside your Flash environment and lets you customize the transitions and effects you want to use for each TxEff2 instance. The panel will also do the importing, updating and optimizing tasks for your project.Requirements:1. Runs on Adobe Flash CS3 and the Adobe Flash CS4, AS3.0 only, on both Windows and Mac.2. Permanent Internet connection is required to run the configuration panel (TxEff2 Panel). This panel is an online utility tool that loads inside your Flash IDE and configures everything for the TxEff2 component and your Library to work seamlessly. TxEff2 Panel is used only as a configuration console, but this console is the one to save your time by letting you customize the animations much more easier.3. Basic Flash CS3 knowledge is needed. No coding skills are required, unless you want to use it in advanced mode.This flash component needs to be registered with JumpeyeComponents.com since you will need the username and password to use the component within Flash.That is why when clicking the "BUY NOW" button you will be redirected to JumpeyeComponents.com where you need to create your own account. After this step you will be able to buy the TxEff2 component with over 80 included FlashEff Patterns (text, symbol and filter patterns).


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