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Implements the static behaviours of the Complex Class, with algorithm logic based on the use of reverse Polish notation. Supports all functions pertaining to the complex number calculator and three added functions that are beyond the calculator's scope. The calculator is capable of performing all basic operations: powers, roots, logarithms, trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, gamma and polygamma functions. Other than the following exceptions, all methods call an inner 'Complex.input(re,im)' method to capture the values of the two UI input fields for manipulation within the outer method: - new complex number instantiation (C button). - new Math.PI complex number instantiation (Pi button). - hold active complex number in memory (MR button). Although many of the methods are only used privately within the class for the calculator's procedures, I have left all methods declared as 'public static' to be able to utilize all class methods in other application structures.usage: var inst:Complex = new Complex(re,im); Complex.classMethod(args);

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Alg - Complex - Complex Class - Flash Mathematics - Math - Math Alg

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