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This is simply a vertical scroller that scrolls through items that are loaded from XML.
Each item has an image , a description, a title and a star rating*.
Each item hotlinks onclick, which means you can pass it an URL and use it like an ad banner or menu, or you could pass javascript through the XML and use it as Ajax style navigation.
*star rating system only supports whole numbers(1,2,3,4,5) it does not support 1/2 stars.
Unfortunately editing the styling does require editing the FLA and recompiling it.
I will offer full support for this item including help customizing the look of it . Minor changes will not cost any additional but if you need me to make major customization changes there will be a surcharge.

This Project Uses Fuse Kit for its movement tweens in order to edit the fla and recompile you MUST have fusekit's class files in the same folder.


3d - Actionscript 2 - Actionscript 3 - Audio - Flash Component - Flash Components - Flash Extensions - Gallery - Menu - Slideshow - Template - Video - Xml

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