X-Treme Accordion XML AS2 1.0

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The most advanced XML Accordion application. No Flash Knowledge required.

* Fully customizable XML driven content
* Unlimited number of images / swf support
* Customizable width, height and item size
* Resize or crop your items on-the-fly from within the XML file
* AutoPlay / Previous / Next with global or individual timer for each image
* Both horizontal and vertical menu orientation support
* Advanced effects for the description text, image zoom and panning effects
* Global or individual timer and transition definition for each text paragraph
* HTML / CSS driven description text paragraphs support
* Set URL links within the description text or when pressing on individual images
* Display the items in the order they appear in your XML file or in a random order
* Scroll Bar component support for browsing through the accordion items
* Optionally set the XML settings file path in HTML using FlashVars


Accordion - Actionscript - Autoplay - Components - Flash - Navigation - Panning - Portfolio - Slideshow - Transition - Xml - Zoom

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