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FS MP3 Player

This Free XML mp3 player reads the songs from an XML configuration file and the cover images for each song, the song title and the artist name and...

By: Librarian Homepage


Papervision 3D Image Gallery

This is a Papervision 3D / ActionScript 3.0 based image gallery. It's a XML driven gallery with nice effects and simulates real rotation of menu...

By: karthik Homepage


Scrolling Gallery 1.0

Scrolling Gallery, XML driven for Flash 8 / Flash CS3 / Flash CS4 and above / ActionScript 2.0 version.

By: flashtuning Homepage


Vertical Scroller Slideshow

Displays multiple images with auto scroll and/or scrollbar with auto-snapping to the closest image. Configured via XML.

By: Nellie Homepage


Flash 3D rotation gallery

A nice and clean looking Flash gallery in 3D rotation form with image preview transition effect.

By: ceasarsegypt Homepage


3D Flip Rotation Gallery 1.0

3D rotation gallery with flip effect. The thumbnails are dynamically resized and the radius of the gallery is changed depending on the number of...

By: cesaregypt Homepage


Banner Rotator XML 1.0

Highly customizable banner rotator, XML driven.

By: snowcat Homepage


DS Stars

This is an useful web based application for the web developers to add the star effect in their web sites. You can display any text that moves...

By: DS Effects Homepage


Sliding Banner Rotator XML

Dynamic sliding banner / image rotator. All content read from XML.

By: samiyilmaz Homepage


3D Carousel Image Menu XML 1.0

Highly customizable Image Menu with carousel & mirror effect.

By: snowcat Homepage