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This is a highly customizable resizable gallery. It will respect the limits and you can change a lot of options from the .xml file. This is based on the horizontal glow scroller.

From the .xml file you can change:
- all the original xml settings from the horizontal motion blur scroller had been kept and you can modify them to give the scroller your design
- you can setup a width and a height for the gallery, it will resize taking into consideration these limits
- you can toggle fullscreen on/off, the limits for the gallery will be the entire dimensions of the Stage
- you can specify the left/right/top/bottom distance of the picture, like so the picture will always be positioned at n px from the left margin, n px from the right margin and so on.
- you can toggle on/off to launch an url when pressing the image
- basic fields in the .xml file: title, thumb address, image address, html formatted description, url, target

The url will be launched when the big picture is clicked (optional).

Enjoy this new release by Flashtory !


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