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Welcome to the new age of online chatting! This chat system was created using AMFPHP technology, thus AMF FlashChat (this might be re-named to AMFChat at some point, to help distinguish it from the other FlashChat which is availble on this website). With its streamlined interface (thanks to AngestroMedia for their amazing design work!) and low-bandwidth, low-load architecture, AMF FlashChat is poised to become a major player in the Flash community. / This particular version is the first release of its product cycle... its very likely that several feature releases will be made availble in the coming months. As a registered user of AMF FlashChat, you will get all of these upgrades for FREE. AMF FlashChat comes with several advanced administrative controls, and includes several features that "the other" FlashChat doesn't yet support, including user groups and the ability of users to upload their own background JPG images. / Some things that you should be aware of in this new chat system... / 1) Only English is currently supported. The phrases are stored in an external language file, however, so you may edit this file to change some parts of the interface. Additional language support should be available in the next version of AMF FlashChat. / 2) The number of display options are more limited in this system than in the other FlashChat... in other words, you cannot change many aspects of the design. Fortunately, the default design is really great, so this probably won't be a big problem for most users. More display configuration options are going to be added eventually, but if you purchase this chat system, then you should be aware of this fact. In other words, this chat has one skin, one theme to it. If you need more powerful theme support, then you should consider purchasing the other Flash chat which I offer on this website. / 3) The Flash source code IS available for this sytem, and is included with your purchase. Support is not provided for the source code.


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