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Greetings and welcome to another one of our amazing signature files.
It is a cool text menu based on a 3d engine simulating a sphere.
It has tons of options and it can be used in many ways, from displaying tags on your website to your site's menu.
It can autoplay or be rotated using the mouse.
Please open up the preview, check out the 7 presets and play with the sliders yourselves, it is a truly amazing file.
It supports opening of urls as well as triggering actions and interacting with JavaScript.
Settings you can change from the XML (40+):
- Sphere Points (multiplies the xml elements if they are not enough)
- Style (1-5) you can choose from 5 different sphere styles
- Sphere Radius
- Mouse Rotation Max Speed
- Foreground item scale, alpha, blur
- Background item scale, alpha, blur
- Sphere Rays on/off
- Sphere Rays type (1-5) you can choose from 5 different rays style
- Sphere Rays color
- Rays foreground alpha, scale, blur
- Rays background alpha, scale, blur
- Z-Distance after which the items will no longer react as buttons
- Multiply Effects amount (multiplies the zoom effect in front of the sphere - check out Preset #1)
- Mouseover zoom on/off, zoom amount and zoom speed
- Hover Area Effect
- Background Hover Area
- Alpha Area Effect
- Blur Quality (very important for tuning cpu utilisation)
- Sphere Guide on/off (draws a circle to further increase the sphere illusion)
- Autorotate on/off
- Autorotate X axis speed and Y axis speed (combine them to rotate in any direction)
- Stop auto-rotation on mouseover
- Each item supports html formatted text, multiple lines, font size, color change, url/target, action/action type etc.
... and many more

Note : If you are having trouble with CPU utilization, lower the blur quality and/or blur amount.

Enjoy this new release from Oxylus Flash.


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