XDenSer HTTP Server Component Pack 1.0b5

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With XDenSer HTTP Server Components Pack you can easily create a standalone HTTP server w/o any HTML coding. Just put TxdsHTTPServer component and TxdsFormContentProducer on your form, create 1 HTTPAction Item and your form is turned into web form ready to interact with user.

TxdsHTTPServer - incapsulates HTTP server functionality, has HTTPActions collection to respond to HTTP requests, each HTTPAction item has corresponding Content Producer.
TxdsSimpleContentProducer - simplest content producer, the content produced just saved in Content property.
TxdsEventContentProducer - has an Event Handler to produce the content.
TxdsFormContentProducer - the content produced is based on the controls placed on the form, allows interaction with User through HTTP. Supports HTTP sessions.
TxdsHTTPSessionManager - manages the Session creation, handling and expiration for TxdsFormContentProducer component, when TxdsFormContentProducer works in multisession mode.
TxdsScreenImageContentProducer - the component similar to TxdsHTTPShareForm, but works in conjunction with TxdsHTTPServer and HTTPActions.
TxdsStaticPagesProducer - just allows access to html files in Shared Directory through TxdsHTTPServer.
TxdsHTTPForm - the component for TxdsFormContentProducer in multisession mode.


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