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ScroogeXHTML for Delphi(tm) is a component which can convert RTF stored in files, strings or a RichEdit component to XHTML. It is fast, easy to customize and use and includes full source code. ScroogeXHTML converts text attributes including background and highlight colors, paragraph attributes including alignment (left, right, centered, justified) and paragraph indent (left, right, first line) and simple numbered or unnumbered lists. Unicode conversion allows international documents, including simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. CSS and default font settings allow to create optimized documents. Supported output document types are HTML 4.01 Strict and Transitional, XHTML 1.0 Strict and Transitional, XHTML Basic 1.0 and XHTML Mobile Profile 1.0 (a.k.a WAP 2.0). New (3.6): support for relative font sizes ('em', 'ex' and percent values), support for right-to-left languages, basic support for Kylix.Also available: ScroogeXHTML for the Java(tm) platform, with (almost) all features of the Delphi Version. There are five license types for ScroogeXHTML: (1) personal edition (2) single user license, (3) site license, (4) world wide license (5) client/server license. To read more about the license terms, please visit the license web page:


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