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Transfer files with ease using this intuitive and powerful FTP client. RoyalFTP is a multithreaded FTP client for Windows that's easy for beginners to use and has enough features to be useful to power users as well. Using its intuitive drag-and-drop Explorer-like interface, RoyalFTP lets you update a Web site with a single click and resume interrupted downloads or uploads.


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BTVisualFTP 1.7

BTVisualFTP is a visual FTP client component which can be embedded in Delphi and Kylix applications. It requires Internet Direct (Indy) 10.Drag and...

By: BetaSoft



Transfer files with ease using this intuitive and powerful FTP client. Bulldogftp is a multithreaded FTP client for Windows that's easy for...

By: BullDog ftp


NWLib - The Netware VCL

NWLib - The Netware VCL allows you to point and click, drag and drop your way to serious Netware integration. Includes over a dozen visual...

By: Devont Software Inc.


TWebImage 1.0

A graphic control that can automatically retrieve and display JPEG, GIF, BMP images from a HTTP server in various modes, including stretched and...

By: TMS Software Homepage


Eon Clash FTP Lite

Eon Clash FTP Lite is a FTP utility. ECFTP is comperable to other products such as WS-FTP and Cute FTP (both of witch cost at least $30). Some of...

By: Eon Clash


Slice and Dice, Free and Open rc

A language-neutral, pattern entry and replication system.

By: Homepage


Drag and drop install development system 1.0

Script free installation IDE that uses drag and drop gestures to create executable installs.

By: Jinstalltool Homepage


OLE Drag and Drop

There are plenty of reasons for you to want your application to be able to accept drops from other applications. Often you may just want to accept...

By: Graham Wideman


Highlighter 1.25

Print syntax highlighted source code in all common languages. Print files based on name, location and date or print direct from Explorer or by drag...

By: Solent Software


UnitOOPS OLE Drag and Drop Components 1.30

The UnitOOPS OLE Drag and Drop Components is a set of four VCL components that allow a Delphi application to be the source or the target of...

By: UnitOOPS Software