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RTC Messenger Client can be used instantly to connect to any RTC Messenger Server (also RTC WebServer or any WebServer using RTC Messenger ISAPI extension) and chat with friends and customers.All friends and ignore lists are kept on the server. You see when your friends are online/offline and you can chat using messages with smileys and links just like with any other Instant Messenger (like MSN or Yahoo).How to use RTC Messenger Client/Server?1.) Start RTC Messenger Server and click the Start button, or ... start the RTC WebServer, check the Include RTC Messenger Server checkbox and click the Listen button, or ... install the RTC Messenger ISAPI on your Web Server. Either one will make the Messenger Server ready. 2.) Start RTC Messenger Client and register by entering your Server's address and port (default=80), choosing a username and password (anything you like) and clicking the Register button. If the username you chose is not already taken on that Server, you will be logged in automaticaly. You have to remember your username and password, because you will need those every time you want to connect to that Messenger Server.3.) Add friends by clicking the Add Friend button and entering your friend's username. After your friend goes OnLine and accepts your invitation, you will be able to see his/her online/offline status and send him/her messages (online and offline).4.) To start chatting with a friend, double-click his/her name in your Friends list. A new window will open and you can start typing, just like you are used to with other Instant Messaging software (like MSN or Yahoo.). 5.) To log out, click the Log out button and to log in again, enter server address and port (if not correct), enter your username and password (the one you chose on registration) and click the Login button. RTC Messenger was built using only RealThinClient SDK components.


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