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Formerly known as FTP++ P2P's server module, NetFile Server is a multi-threaded FTP and HTTP server with resuming, passive mode, fast caches and U/D ratios! Based on ICS. The binary of NetFile Server is freeware. The royalty-free source code of the program is available.Freeware with availability of Borland C++ Builder 3-6 source code (see below)Supreme speed FTP and HTTP server with speeds up to 15MB/sec observed on AMD P2000+Multi threaded with fast file and directory cache engineSupports RFC959 and passive mode as well as resumingUser and group permissions with permissions for commands like GET, PUT, LIST, MKDIR, DELE, and more...GUI and file loggingServing from behind NAT/PAT featureMD5 indexing option for the files servedIP/DNS-based filtering/forwarding implemented on the server side for blocking unwanted domainsCode based on ICS (Internet Component Suite)Runs best on Windows 2000, XP and 2003 ServerFull email support of 7 days a week will be provided to source code customersNew: Upload/Download ratios support for U/D sitesNew: Fully supports FXP as of version 5.3.6New: Supports transfer rates and account instantaneous user limitations as well as idle timeout -- all account/group basedAs of version 5.4.5, includes a new GUI and help file.


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