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EasyNet is a Collection of Native Delphi Components which implement full Windows Internet API (known as Win-INET) as well as W3C HTML DOM (Document Object Model).

With the power of EasyNet you can develop any kind of applications which need to interact with HTTP 1.1 protocol and HTML Documents. For example you may need EasyNet to download or upload files from web, or to integrate your application with web-servers, you may develop a crawler (like search engines) just in minutes.

Benefits of Easy Net Collection
* Easy to use.With the Easy Net, handling the web files are as easy as handling the local files. Drop it to the form, set the file url, and call SendRequest method with a File Stream variable. That are easy enough to downlad a web file

* Fast Downloads.It Shares the same web cache and the cookie database with the Internet Explorer. In case of a download operation, first the Easy Net checks for the availabilty of the cache. If the requested file is already downloaded before (regarles by the Internet Explorer or by your application) and not yet expired, it brings the file from the cache database of the Internet Explorer!

* Built on Windows Internet API (Win-INET)Actually the Easy Net is an Object Oriented Delphi Implementation of Windows Internet API. So you can trust your user agent as long as if you trust the largest software company of the world, i.e. Microsoft.
* Supports all of the HTTP Client Protol Headers that are defined by RFC 2616.* Supports both Synchronous and Asynchronous modes.* You can spawn as much connection as you want from one single Session* Delphi Source Code is available!


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