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selectDelphi is a powerful and easy to use utility that generates Delphi classes that encapsulate the Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions of a SQL Server database.It's a tool for Developers who use MS SQL Server and want to take maximum advantage of Stored Procedures (SPs) and User Defined Functions (UDFs).Each stored procedure or user defined function is mapped into a class method.Not only will your application take maximum advantage of both products, but it will also get benefit from the following key features:z The access to all the databasels Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions can be encapsulated in only one component.z IDE's code completion help is available: procedures, functions, variables names and types; because you are working with pure Delphi code.z The generated code is ready to create a Delphi component.z Because the classes are generated into a separate unit, you can automatically reuse them in multiple projectsz Uses ADO technology.If you are using Borlandls Delphi to develop MS SQL Server applications, then selectDelphi can help you to make a seamless integration between SPs and UDFs with your Application.


Ado - Database Tool - Delphi - Delphi Component - Sql Server - Stored Procedure - Transact-Sql - Tsql - User Defined Function

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