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The Warecase eXtended Task Manager (XTM) is a powerful auxiliary tool designed for simplifying the environment of the software developer. XTM is an extended windows task manager and performance monitoring tool for Microsoft Windows. XTM can give fast solutions for sudden problems which may arise in a product's functioning.

- Debugging and improving application development.
- A rich workstation investigation tool.
- White box testing sessions for the QA department.
- Investigation tool for integration possibilities.
- And much more...

XTM for Task Management
XTM task monitoring features allow the user easier access to previously unavailable or only partially available information concerning specific tasks, their allocation and use of resources, diagnostic information on different processes, process life cycles, etc. XTM monitoring, in addition to providing a basic view of preprocess statistics, also provides a vast variety of other details including information per module, per handle, per thread, per file, per registry key, per window, per COM+ component, per service, per TCP/UDP connection and per environment variable.

XTM for Resources Management
XTM resources management allows the user to influence process behavior, life cycle continuation and performance, free resources previously allocated, find and unload loaded modules, show, hide and close process windows and much more.

XTM for Workstation Management
XTM workstation management allows the user to manage his workstation, i.e. log off or restart the workstation, run, stop or pause the services, etc. While these features can generally be accessed by the user, XTM provides access to all features in one, easy to implement, menu.


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The Warecase eXtended Task Monitor (XTM) is a powerful auxiliary tool designed for simplifying the environment of the software developer......

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