VCatch 3.0

By: Sujit
Version: 3.0




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VCatch is a new, free tool, developed to protect the userls computer from web viruses. Whether he uses an Email application, Web based Email, ICQ, or one of the new file-sharing programs (Napster, Gnutella etc.), VCatch is the tool for him. VCatch is a virus protection software. When VCatch is active it will check all the files sent or downloaded to the userls computer via Email and Web applications. In the event that VCatch detects that a file is suspected to be a virus, the software automatically deletes the file and notifies him. VCatch supports the following Email programs: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape Messenger. In Addition, VCatch protects the computer from viruses downloaded using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator web browsers, files sent to the computer by ICQ, and files downloaded using popular file-sharing software such as Napster, iMesh and Gnutella. VCatch has a unique automatic update mechanism. When a new virus is detected in the Net, VCatch automatically updates its virus definitions list in the userls computer. So once he installs VCatch, he doesn't have to do anything else to be constantly protected. VCatch was designed to use as little computer resources as possible. The software is very small and uses the computers resources only when one of the applications listed above is running. VCatch is the second product in a series of products, CommonSearch Inc. is planning to release in the next year.


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