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TwineCompiler is an exceptionally fast multi-threading C++ Builder compiler wrapper. TwineCompiler takes your Borland C++ Builder projects and compiles them using multiple threads. This means that it compiles 2 or more files at the same time, greatly reducing the time to compile your projects.TwineCompiler consists of a command-line application, mtbcc32, and a plugin that integrates the power of TwineCompiler into the IDE. It supports Borland C++ Builder 4 through to 6 and Borland Developer Studio 2006.The plugin is a complete build/make solution, so you do not need to hassle with makefiles etc.TwineCompiler 2 is the latest version of our mtbcc32, except that TwineCompiler 2 has been completely re-written with a completely different architecture that gives it much faster performance.Please note that TwineCompiler does not need a multi-chip/core machine to perform very well. However, having a multi-chip/core helps enormously.Features:Blazingly-fast multi-threading architecture.Highly optimized file-caching system.Full pre-compiled header support, including PCH injection.Supports custom make/build environment variables.Supports building runtime/designtime packages using multi-threading.Plugin features:Extremely optimized.Can build projects containing C++/Pascal/ASM/Resource Files.Background compilation.Progress information while building/making.


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