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Embedded Pascal will do for your Embedded Application development what Borlands Delphi compiler did for Windows programming. RAD application development for 8 bit Embedded Applications. Embedded Pascal is Delphi compatible. Using an extended subset of the well known Borland Pascal, It allows you to develop and run your Embedded Applications right there in the Delphi enviroment. You can even run the generated native Z80/Z180 or 8051/8052 code right there on your PC under Windows 95. Embedded Application development has never been easier. Embedded Pascal makes a perfect companion to your Delphi version 2 or 3 (Delphi 1 with some limitations), however, Embedded Pascal is very usefull on its own.


8051 - 8052 - Assembler - Atmel - Avr - Compiler - Dallas - Delphi - Development - Embedded - Hd64180 - Hitachi - Intel - Microcontroller - Pascal - Philips - Z180 - Z80 - Zilog

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