DB Commander 2000 Pro 5.641

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Version: 5.641




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DB Commander 2000 is a powerful database tool that can manipulate any two databases simultaneously.DB Commander can be used with any database that is supported by the BDE or ODBC driver such as: ORACLE, MS SQL, Interbase, Informix, DB2, Sybase, Paradox, DBase, Access, FoxPro, MS Works and many more.Main Features E View/Edit records of two tables from different databases at the same time, including memo/blob and graphic fields. E Copy Table(s) to another database with indexes intact, if applicable, even copy a query result set. E Transfer records from a table across to a table of different database type, one or multiple tables at a time. E Transfer records even if the tables are not identical, even from a query result set. E Transfer selected records over. E Transfer records over by mapping the fields. E Delete/Empty tables one or multiple tables at a time. E Rename Tables. E View/Create/Add/Delete Indexes. E Add/Delete columns (fields) to existing tables or transfer the contents of a single column (field). E Execute any query using SQL statements. E Import/Export from/to textfile. E Export tables in text to an FTP site.E Compare the number of tables, records, fields, indexes, key fields between databases.E Locate fields in a database and quickly find out the number and name of fields and which tables contain them.E Preview the contents of any table or query. E Generate reports from a table or query.E Plus much moreu


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