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Blade API Monitor is a useful developer spy tool which can trace and log API and ActiveX interface with parameters. The key features are:

Trace any exported functions of any DLLs, including Windows API and any other 3rd-Part APIs, unnecessarily to know the prototype of the functions;

Trace NT Native API and undocumented APIs;

Trace MFC Class method, including MFC42 MFC80 MFC90;

Trace ActiveX controls and COM objects interfaces;

Trace internal functions code with Map (MSVC, DELPHI, C++Builder, IDA, ...) File;

Trace functions in source code with PDB (MSVC) and source files;

Log all API call information, including function name, call sequence, start time, return time, call stack, thread id, input and output parameters, function return value, GetLastError code, OutputDebugString, exception, CPU context and more;

Support debug version and release version with no modifications to the target application; Support Unicode and ANSI application;

Support multi-thread;

Presets 27 API Filter Profiles, including Handles and Objects, Dynamic-Link Libraries, Event Log, Pipes and Mailslots, Debugging, Windows Classes, COMM, Application Related, Shell, Dialog Boxes, File System, Services Related, Remote Access Service, Memory Management, Print Related, Windows, Registry, Processes and Threads, File IO, WinInet, Windows Sockets, Multimedia API, Windows GUI, Network Management, WinNT Security, Access Control Functions;

Easily generate PDB files without source code;

Support Script Macro;

Predefine 8000+ APIs' prototype.


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