AecSLock shareware protection 1.11

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aecSLock allows you to turn your applications into shareware with very little effort. SLock uses the famous Blowfish encryption algorithm to ensure security and flexible registration options to allow you to protect your application how you want. Features include:Protection using encrypted entries in the Windows registry and in a given DLL for additional securityFive modes of protection:Number of daysNumber of unique daysNumber of startsSpecific Expiry DateTime outSLock supports Grace periods - the software will work for a given number of starts/days after it has expired, allowing you to show a LRegister Now!l message.Flexible protection optionsRegistration for a given userRegistration for a single machineThe Trial period can be extended up to 99 times by an extension unlock code. You can control if and when you wish to allow SLockls trial period to be extended.Many more...


3des - 95 - 98 - Access - Algorithm - Aman - Bestcrypt - Blowfish - Cbc - Cipher - Control - Crypt - Crypto - Cryptography - Data - Des - Disc - Disk - Diskscram - Domain - Download - Ede - Encipher - Encryption - Fat

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