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Wireless Communication Library VCL Edition brings the power features of Bluetooth, IrDA and WiFi technologies to your Delphi/CBuilder applications. Develop Bluetooth Proximity Application in just a few days. Save your time! WCL includes all the things you need for using Bluetooth, IrDA and WiFi in your Delphi/CBuilder appications. Discover devices, send and receive files, bulk file sending and lots of other features like enumerating WiFi networks, measure WiFi networks signal quality and RSSI level, support for Bluetooth server applications which can be used for BT chats, receiving files and other. Do you think about Media Kiosk? WCL is what you need! You can develop Kiosk application in few hours. And next day after you started you will get ready application and start earn your money!


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Wireless Communication Library VCL Edition

Wireless Communication Library VCL Edition brings the power features of Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi and Wii remote technologies to your Delphi/CBuilder...

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