TMS Async32 1.3.5

Version: 1.3.5




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TMS Async32 is a communications package containing components which provide access to the serial ports under Windows. The event-driven architecture provides the highest possible performance and allows all the tools to run in the background.Advanced class object structure.Advanced but easy to use design interface.Optimized event-driven architecture.Provides the highest possible performance.Supports all important transfer protocols.Components to build advanced comport servers.Easy to use with any type of serial hardware.Links directly to your EXE, no runtime.Built-in support for XModem, YModem and ZModem protocolsHandles COM ports > 9 and also virtual COM ports (mapped on USB RS485 devices for example)TVaTerminal component, providing a codeless terminal for asynchronous communicationsTVaTerminal supports an extendable emulation interfaceTTY emulation component and simple ANSI color sequence handling emulation componentTVaDisplay component to visualise modem status.


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