TBzInterMeter, TBzInterInfo and TBzPerformanceInfo 3.1

Version: 3.1




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Use it to mesure modem loading (bytes received, bytes sent). It works for Windows NT as well as for Windows 95/98. Now it does not grab RAS's process memory, instead it looks through registry and gets all information there. Now component became more adjustable.New in version 3.1: TBzInterMeter can now make its parent form Transparent, leaving on screen only pulses of diagram and border, 3D-colored with BorderColor.Two poor Pascal objects are included into package, which can be used directly - TBzInterInfo and TBzPerformanceInfo. The first (TBzInterInfo object) is performing all dirty works for TBzInterMeter and uses the second (TBzPerformanceInfo). This last can be used to obtain any performance data from Windows NT registry.


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