Components, Scripts, Codes: Delphi / System Components

TIniList 1.00

TIniList is a component similar to TIniFile, but it holds all the values in memory, not in a file. It provides easy loading and saving values with...

By: ProShare


Transfer@once 1.5

Many applications allow users to transfer data to another application by dragging and dropping the data with the mouse, or by using the clipboard....

By: Quasidata


DragonDrop 2.01

DragonDrop is a fully functioning component that easily allows you to drag items to andfrom application. Currently you capabilities...

By: Quentin J. Sarafinchan


Huge Unit 1.4b

The Huge unit provides support in Delphi for huge pointers, that is, 32-bit pointers that can refer to objects larger than 64K. It includes a TList...

By: Ray Lischner


RegTuner Component Library 1.2

RegTuner Component Library (RCL) is a library of VCL nonvisual components for managing Windows file associations and registered file types.

By: RegTuner Software


TRegExt and TRegFileType 1.0

TRegExt & TRegFileType is a pair of VCL nonvisual components for managing Windows files associations and registered file types. Using these two...

By: RegTuner Software


OSL2000 8.77

OSL2000 is an advanced multi boot manager. Using OSL2000, you can directly install, boot and maintain upto 100 independent OSs in your computer....

By: OSL Corp.


WmiSet 1.7

WmiSet Component Collection:TWmiQuery executes queries against WMI service. Use it to retrieve almost any computer configuration information. For...

By: Online-Admin


OsViewer: watch OS settings remotely.

This tool reads over 60 different properties of Windwos OS from remote computer. It can read serial number of remote OSread and syncronize...




A task manager that can watch network computers.It can launch, terminate, show properties of processes running on a local or remote computer. Under...



TPDJStartUp 2.00

Allows you run application on Windows start-up.

By: PDJTools


Scientific Instrument Hardware Interface 1

Free component for real time access to a hardware interface containing digital ports and analog inputs and outputs via digital-to-analog and...

By: Patrik Spanel


TBetween 1.0

Component allows to transmit data between several applications.

By: Paul Manaenkov



System95 is a component for protecting your Delphi software. It generates unique licence number (via MD5 alg.) for every PC using system hardware

By: Petar Banicevic


Drop Files Components 5.0

Three components are provided that enable applications to support Windows Explorer file drag and drop. TPJDropFiles is a windowed control that...

By: Peter Johnson Homepage


Take Control beta

Take Control is a small application with many tools and utilities. It can help you with:Virtual DesktopsVirtual ClipboardsHotKeys managerMinimize...

By: Martin Software


MWKeyProc 1.2

The generic processor of Key commands.

By: Martin Waldenburg


DOSCommand 2.0

This component let you execute a DOS program and catch the ouput in order to put it in a memo or in a listbox, ... Thanks to the event...

By: Maxime Collomb


TaskView 2.5

TaskView is an ultimate tool to inspect computer. It can be used to inspect running programs - stack, memory, handles, delphi objects and more,...

By: MediSoft Int


MiTeC Computer Information 1.0

Windows Management Console like aplication providing large amount of system information.

By: MiTeC Homepage