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Prosys Sentrol is a Component Based Rapid OPC Application Development Framework. It enables quick and flexible development of state-of-the-art applications for data acquisition, production monitoring, device diagnostics, etc. Prosys Sentrol enables drag and drop configuration of data flow from OPC Servers to databases and GUI. Still, with the true object oriented components you are in full control over your application. Whether you need to create a power application or just simple gadgets that leverage the availabilty of real data in various devices, you will have a perfect set of flexible, easy to use components for exactly what you need.The components enable you to concentrate on the application design, instead of communication basics, which will reduce the overall development costs up to 99% (especially, if you are creating an OPC server). The reliability and usability of the components has been verified in several 24/7 real world applications. They take care of important and hard-to-tackle communication details, which usually occur late in development - when the application should already be at delivery.Prosys Sentrol also includes a compliance tested OPC server implementation, which enables reliable, easy and cost efficient development. Adding OPC server into your application or hardware product offering is now possible with minimum effort. With Prosys Sentrol you create royalty free, compiled applications, which maximizes cost savings at application distribution and installations.


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