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PE Explorer is a feature-rich and budget priced set of tools for those whose daily work involves reverse engineering of software and exploit code, source code reviews, test and evaluation of vulnerabilities. There's a very strong emphasis on peeking inside Delphi/C++Builder applications and packages. Once inside, target win32 file structure can be analyzed and optimized, problems diagnosed, changes made and resources repaired, assembly source code reconstructed. PE Explorer also comes with a Visual Resource Editor, PE Header Viewer, UPX Unpacker, Exported/Imported Function Viewer, Syntax Lookup, Dependency Scanner, and Remove DebugInfo/Relocations Tool.


.Ocx Editor - Analysis - Analyzer - Change - Code - Code Reverse Engineering - Delphi - Delphi Dpl - Dependency - Development - Disassembler - Dll - Edit - Edit Executable Files - Exe - Exe Resources Editor - Exe Source Code - Executable - Executable Resources Editor - File - Files - Format - Pe - Pe Exe Editor - Pe Resource Editor

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